Writer - Zsófia Krémer

Hello, I’m Zsofi from Budapest, Hungary, and I eat Gulyás for breakfast, just kidding, I eat design with a little bit of advertising on the side. What do I do when I am not daydreaming about Don Draper from Madmen you ask? Well, I am trying to find a stylish topic to write about :) Alright, alright, out with the jokes and in with the facts. I am a typical millennial (older batch), have lived in a few different places in the past years, and quit some odd jobs, but right now I am finishing my Masters Degree in Advertising and Design at The Uni of Leeds. In my free time I like to think creatively, take pictures of lights in the city (whichever I am in) and industrial angles; eating occasional organic delights; read up the latest on organic beauty, and dream about the times, when I finally don't have to live on a student budget.