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We Have Launched

We Have Launched

Welcome to this, our first blog article from And so to Style. We have launched! We're so ruddy well excited to have you here and to be sharing this, the final piece of our epic, bring-handmade-to-everyone journey. And so to Style is the last part of a very big dream, turned plan, concocted by Founder Louise Daniel, nearly three years ago. Her aim was to shine a light on small UK based businesses who do something just a little bit different. For those of you who are unaware of our beginnings, And so to Style is the sister of two other blogs, And so to Wed and And so to Family, both of which are platforms for promoting UK businesses who offer a bespoke way of working. The aim of all three blogs is to showcase the best in creativity and style, bringing you, our readers, unique and beautiful items handcrafted by the best of British artisans. Bringing the handmade and beautiful into your home, we will be providing engaging and inspirational blogs designed to get you thinking, get you creative, inspire you to grow your own style and to understand more about what we do. Having already successfully launched And so to Wed and And so to Family, we have been working hard to bring you a cornucopia of fashion, home decor and beauty inspiration in the form of the And so to Style blog which we hope you'll love.

Photography | Jane Beadnell Photography | Cocktails | Mix & Twist | Make Up Artist | Amy George | Papercut Artwork & Gift Box | Suzanne Oddy Design | Candle | Savon Claire

Behind the scenes, the And so to Team provide small businesses with a thriving, creative community in which they can develop, learn, network and grow. Many of our suppliers are single creatives who benefit from being part of a community. Within The Cafe we offer a positive space filled with opportunities to work together on photo shoots, develop knowledge and share ideas, concerns and day-to-day happenings. If you own a small business and would like to be supported by like-minded, positive business owners come along to The Cafe and introduce yourself and your business. 

Photography | Jane Beadnell Photography | Cake | White Rose Cake Design | Candle & Bath Oil Set | Pure Natural Therapy

The And so to Style Shop (going live on 30th June) is a fabulous emporium filled with items from British artisans, bringing you the best in handmade and bespoke design. Giving you the opportunity to support the movers, shakers and hand-makers whilst getting that perfect 'something' for someone special. Shopping with us really does have the feel good factor!

Not only will you be able to buy physical items from the And so to Style Shop, you will also be able to purchase gift vouchers and packages for bespoke services. From cocktail making classes to a session with a make up artist, from photographers to stylists, if you need a wonderfully talented someone, we have the person for you. 

Make Up Artist |  Amy George  

Make Up Artist | Amy George 

You've probably gathered by now that here at And so to Style, we love handmade, unique, forward thinking style in all it's forms. From home decor to fashion, beauty to branding, we want to immerse ourselves in all things beautiful. Our fantastic team is made up of connoisseurs of fashion, purveyors of style, captains of creativity and wanderers of the world, bringing you an eclectic mix of inspiration, ideas and anecdotes, all with style at their heart.

We hope that you will enjoy, be inspired and share what we do. The first of our written pieces is coming to you tomorrow, written by the fabulous Katie Sutton from The Vintage House That Could. But for now, explore our Directory, visit our Facebook and Instagram and don't forget to leave us a comment below, we really do appreciate hearing from you.

Live beautifully x

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