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Introducing Halicraft

Introducing Halicraft

If we had to sum the And So To family up in three things, it'd be something pretty akin to craft, community, and support. (If we were really stretching the rules, we'd go with small business support, but that's a lot of words and I think taking a liberty.) For this reason we're SUPER excited to be announcing the launch of Halicraft, a brand new crafting initiative coming to the wonderful Halifax town in the new year.

Claire Bush, founder of Halicraft, is a self-proclaimed crafter, maker, and serial craftermath-creator. With a penchant for trying every craft trend going, she's built up an amazing network of talented makers around her who can lend a helping hand (or four!). She decided to ask said talented people if they fancied sharing their time and skills to help bring the joy of making to others, and when they said yes, Halicraft was born. It's aim is to bring crafternoons to the lovely people of Halifax, where expert tutors will teach and guide you through learning a new skill, all whilst creating something to take home, eating some top notch grub, and having a good ol' chinwag with other lovely crafters at the same time. 

We took 5 with Claire to find out a bit more about Halicraft and how we could get involved!


But now, she CAN

But now, she CAN

What can people expect from Halicraft meetings? 

A reet crafty do of course! ;) Seriously though, I hope that our workshop delegates will find us a relaxed and friendly bunch.

The workshops will generally speaking, run 10 until 3:30 with a break for lunch. We have some really talented tutors lined up who will all have different teaching styles, but the same goal of sending you home with a finished product and a new set of skills to add to your crafting arsenal.


What's your advice for those who want to be crafty but don't know how?

I would first ask, why do you want to be crafty? - is it for relaxation and mindfulness? To create beautiful things for your home? to challenge yourself to learn a new skill? or to save money on your wedding?

Once you know this we have a jumping off point, it's time to hit Pinterest, Instagram and the plethora of craft blogs out there and find a project that appeals not only for the end project but for the process too. I'm hoping to run some taster workshops later in the year where keen crafters can come and do several mini makes in a day - these would be fab for someone wanting to dip their toe in with out commiting to a full day on one craft.


Speaking of plethoras - what's your favourite craft attempt you've made to date?

I'm incredibly impatient and incredibly tight (that's my Yorkshire showing) so anything I can make quickly and cheaply will always win. Embroidery is my current favourite 'hobby' but as for projects I love the tassels I added to a wire lightshade to give it a bit of colour and the 'antique' mirror I made for my hall that cost me under £20! 


Halicraft are based at The Wellington Rooms, HX1. Workshops start in the new year, but book now to avoid disappointment:

13th January 2018 - Botanical Embroidery. Learn basic hand stitch techniques and create gorgeous textile patterns inspired by flowers and greenery. £50

20th January 2018 - Giant Knitting. Make your own giant knit blanket and pom pom accessories - perfect for Hygge lovers and those who don't want to put the heating on... £70

27th January 2018 - Jacket Pimpin'. Pimp your own jacket with funky back patches or all-over designs. £50 + bring your own jacket

10th February 2018 - Upcycled Furniture

24th February 2018 - Printing Workshop

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