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5 Ways To Use Less Plastic

5 Ways To Use Less Plastic

2018 is hopefully the year when historians will look back and say, 'people decided to make a difference'. I hope that we will choose to make a positive change in many ways, shopping more ethically, caring for one another, showing kindness, standing up to hatred with love and looking after our planet. We can all make a big difference with small actions and here at And so to HQ we will be doing our best throughout the year to help shine a light on simple things you can do. 

Today we're focusing on plastic.

Like many in the UK I watched in wonder as wonderfully weird, magnificently awesome, and beautifully unique creatures of all shapes and sizes appeared on my TV screen as part of the Blue Planet II series. I've always loved Sir David Attenborough and so was always going to watch when a new series was announced. I was truly blown away by the science, imagery and human effort that had gone into capturing this wonderful world of the deep. I loved the story of each of the fish and animals featured, many of whom displayed social behaviours and emotions just like ours. But, like many, I felt upset and ashamed by the last episode which highlighted what our actions are doing to our seas. With plastics being one of the major killers within our oceans I have chosen to make a concerted effort to reduce, and hopefully eradicate my personal use of plastics. If you too would like to make a change, here are 5 easy steps you can take now to reduce the amount of plastics you use. 

1. Bring a bottle (or a cup!)

Rather than buying bottled water, simply buy your own reusable water bottle and fill it up. The same goes for coffee/tea cups, don't use the takeaway cups offered, bring your own and feel good when you're enjoying your morning caffeine hit that you've already done something good. Not only are many coffee shops now offering a discount for people who bring their own cups, some are even charging for the use of throw away cups, so not only are you saving the planet, you're saving your pocket too! We love these coffee cups from & Keep!

2. Bring a bag

For a long time now, supermarkets in the UK have been charging for the use of plastic bags. Most of us are now in the habit of bringing our own reusable shopping bags. But if you're still using the plastic, make a change now. Stock up on bags for life and keep them in your boot or at your front door ready to take to the supermarket or hitting the highstreet. 

There are some gorgeous tote bags and bags for life out there. We love this reversible one from OBIKA Textiles, handmade in London. 

3. Say 'no' to plastic packaging

Lots of products are overly packaged in plastic that serves very little purpose and is thrown away as soon as we go to use the product. Start consciously looking for things you can buy that aren't covered in plastic. Buying fruit and veg that isn't in a plastic tray or wrapped in cellophane, but in a paper bag instead, choosing glass bottles over plastic, are simple things you can do to reduce the plastic problem. 

4. Don't use plastic straws and cutlery

If you do want a straw in your drink, opt for a paper straw, many pubs and restaurants now have paper straws available in a bid to cut down on the use of plastic. And it may mean extra washing up, but where possible, use your own cutlery for parties and celebrations rather than opting for one use plastic knives and forks. 

5. De-plastic your lunchbox

Rather than using clingfilm and plastic sandwich bags in your family's lunchboxes, opt for reusable, more environmentally friendly options. There are some super stylish bento boxes, metal lunch boxes and plastic-alternative options out there. We love these from & Keep

Do share your own ways of reducing the use of plastic in the comments below and don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more ethical style!

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